Street Lessons (Part Six)

6) Unexpected generosity happens –  Busking always reminds me about our community’s generosity, and I really do mean always.  While that generosity includes the tips put into my hat by my audience, the most unexpected generosity I have experienced comes when an obviously homeless person stops, digs in his pockets and drops a few coins in.  (See my story about Mr. Nickles)

Also, I am touched by the numerous people from all walks of life who take the time to thank me, or offer a word of encouragement for what I’m doing. A few even take time to hug the sweaty magician, or ask for a picture, These few generous words and actions have kept me going when I felt like giving up. Never underestimate the power of positive reinforcement, it can really change someone’s world.

Birthday partiers stop for a picture with Mr. h

Birthday partiers stop for a picture with Mr. h

We live in an amazing community, rife with abundance. Not just monetarily, but with hope and love. Take an extra minute to be generous with your gifts. No matter what it is you do – give of yourself generously, and open yourself to receive generosity in return.


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