The Red Light

Once upon a time I worked the comedy club circuit. I was, at the time, a “strong middle” act. That is, I could set up most any headliner well and get the audience in a good mood and ready for the big guns. I liked the position.

The middle act was on a tight time limit. Sometimes the club would run two or even three sets a night, so timing was critical. The audience had to be cleared and the club cleaned between each set, so going over time could throw the entire night way off schedule. In the back of the room, visible only from the stage, was a red light. When the light popped on, that meant you had exactly five minutes to wrap up and get off stage. If you went over … Your future work was in jeopardy.

As the middle act I learned that there was little time for nonsense. I needed to deliver my best and make it happen in my short time. No time for fear or laziness in that spot. Do you see where I’m going with this?

This subject came to me last night in my room at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. I’ve come quite a long way. Yesterday was hell-travel: delayed flights, bad traffic, untrustworthy weather and insensitive airline people. (Hello, USAir) Also, a friend suggested I audition for ‘the biggest loser’. Probably a good idea, promotion wise, but bad timing psychologically. Heh.
I arrived at the venue with just barely enough time to set up and change clothes before hitting the stage. Let’s call last night’s show a B+. It was good, and the audience was very giving, but I’m a pretty harsh critic of my work. Later, alone in my room I was going over all the details of the show and making notes. It struck me that my message from the stage lately has been ‘grasp your dreams’. Do it now, while there’s still time. Life is oh so short and sweet, and there’s no time for fear or laziness … Get in the game and deliver on your gift. I have to tell you: your blessings are there waiting for you.

I promise to do my best to enrich your life until I am enriching your soil.

I am not of this world. I am a red light from God.


3 thoughts on “The Red Light

  1. What a great post! I often wonder – as you say those things from the stage – are you doing that in your own life? Are you so focused in making us all squeal with delight and awe that you are missing your own dreams? Or is the life of an entertainer fulfilling their own dreams by making others squeal in delight? I just wonder sometimes if you are busy filling other people’s buckets – are we, in turn, filling yours? I sure hope so!!

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